Big2Buff Begins Anew: Transforming from Fat to Fit

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There are perks to being fat. No watching calories. You always get your monies worth on food. You don’t get cold like skinny people. Many times you don’t have to worry about sharing seats as there isn’t enough room for two people. My personal favorite is that I always felt like I got more for my spend when buying clothes. Skinny people get a garment. I get a tent. Really skinny people can use my socks as a sleeping bag. You also don’t much have to worry about getting kidnapped or being cannibalized. The work to payout ratio is skewed in my favor.

Now, there are drawbacks too. Stairs, airplane seats, and cheaply constructed furniture are things of which I’m not fond. It is also tough to find stylish clothes. People tend to think big people dress like slobs. More aptly, most department stores’ Big and Tall sections look like they needed a place to hang their unwanted fabric scraps. The “clothes” are staged like a fashion horror show screaming at you to lose weight so you won’t have to wear a shirt made from an old drape. That is if you can even find clothes in your size in a regular department store. You know you are fat when your pant size is one standard deviation above the biggest size in the mall.

Of course, the mall is always a hundred thousand degrees inside, even in the summer. If one’s dignity isn’t stripped away by the sheer lack of clothing choices, the fact that you’ll be dripping with sweat before being halfway through the first store surely won’t help. Some people say sweat is fat crying. Those people don’t sweat while eating. Those are the people that will brag about their 300-pound squat at the gym. I got news for you. I squat more than that every time I get out of a chair. Want to run a mile. Sure. Let’s trade bodies first.

Enough of the funny stuff. Everyone knows being fat is a bad health move. It is now 8 years after my major weight loss. I’ve gained it all back and then some.  I am officially heavier than I ever have been and I feel it. My energy is low. Stairs wind me. I could put a buffet out of business in one sitting. It is time to do something.

Today marks the beginning of what I hope to be a transformational journey. Big to Buff. This isn’t the first time I’ve started this journey. Hopefully it will be the last. I think the cards have be dealt for success. The 1st day on the month falls on a Monday. No better time to start a new routine. I have a cruise I need to be fit for a year from now. My target weight is 200lbs. That means I need to lose 160 pounds in a year. That is aggressively a bit less than a half a pound a day. I typical consume about 6000 calories in a day. The new diet caps off at 2000 calories a day and will shrink every couple of months. Chelsea and I joined a gym (again). This is very nearby and has a pool. There won’t be a good reason not to go. This effort involves carefully measuring calories intake while burning calories through aerobic and strength training exercises.

I bought a bunch of stuff to help with the journey. For meal prep, I am using these Rubbermaid containers which I love. They make it easy to measure out portions. In case I feel like working out at home or getting an extra round of fitness in, the Century BOB XL body opponent bag will help. It is much more satisfying to punch this guy in the face than a traditional heavy bag. I should warn you that punching him bare fisted can be painful after awhile. I ended up getting some hand wraps. I am also working on building up my ability to do push-ups and pull-ups. I needed something that could handle my weight, but wasn’t pro grade. The Weider Power Tower does that as well as includes a leg lift and crunch section. Speaking of handling weight, my hands tend to get dry and crack. So when I lift, I wear gloves. I’ve had a pair of these Harbinger’s lifting gloves for about 15 years. As for food, I’ve stocked up on Boost High protein shakes for meal replacements. Also, if you are looking for a healthy beverage that tastes kind of like champagne, try some green tea Kombucha.

Today was the first day at the gym. It was an okay day.  I had some wasted time figuring out how to use some of the machines and didn’t end up swimming. Of course, my swimming media player died, so I didn’t have any tunes to get pumped up.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

The transformation begins…again.

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