Week 0 Day 1: Baby Steps for Big Mike to Fit Mike

baby steps Snail Winning Rac Against Fat BoyChange starts with baby steps. The alarm rang at 530am. Typically, I would be exhausted. Today I was excited to start my new routine. It didn’t take me long to get ready. I was at the gym by 550am. I felt like a champion ready to take on the world. I had to wait 10 minutes for the doors to open. My motivation waned a bit. Motivation is surprisingly fickle.

I figured I’d keep up motivation by testing out my swimmer’s MP3 player. It is a waterproof MP3 and headphone device that¬†allows me to listen to music while swimming. Plus, it helps drown out the cries of “Put your shirt back on” and “Hey, look a white whale.” Unfortunately, it wouldn’t power on. I charged it, it works when connected to my computer. However, the last couple years of sitting in my car unused destroyed the unchangeable batteries.

I was tempted to roll out and go get breakfast. However, that is what big Mike would do. Fit Mike would go to the gym.

Once the doors opened, I made my way up the stairs to the fitness center. I warmed up on the treadmill with no music. I was feeling pretty good until this 70ish year old man hopped on the stair climber. In the time it took me to walk a mile, this guy probably summited Everest. I shook it off and used it as motivation. I will be able to do that one day.

After a bit on the hamster wheel, I wandered into the weight machine section. All the machines were ever so slightly different than the ones I have used in the past. So my work out was somewhat staccato. Read machine directions, adjust it from tiny woman settings to big Mike settings. I’d like you to think that mean increasing the weight. Actually, it means moving the seat back and lowering the bench height to accommodate all of me. Impressively, I almost maxed out the leg press machine. I strutted a bit after that. The arm curl unit set me straight. 8 years ago, I could do three full sets of 110 lbs. Today I struggled with 70.

Baby steps. Significant, stable¬†change isn’t made overnight.

While stepping like a baby, I also began eating like one. My pre-diet intake was about 6000 calories a day. Regularly more. Today I had about 1850 calories. I was below my max of 2000. It was quite exciting to feel full after each meal too. I expected to be craving more food by dinner time.

The day wasn’t perfect. It was a good enough start to this long journey ahead.



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