Week 0 Day 2: Everything Hurts, Still Gungho

Gungho Fat Boy Ea -Hot DogDay 2, gungho. The alarm rang at a predawn hour jarring my body. I ignored it, but realized everything hurts. My morning gym goal was aborted. I did stick to my daily meal plan. Actually, I was running behind so I skipped my oatmeal. I took some instant packets to work with me to eat later.

Honestly, I wasn’t running. I was barely moving. My bravado regrets being so gungho on day 1. My quads are on fire. My biceps don’t want to move. Skipping the morning session was actually a good idea.

The work day kicked off with back to back meetings. I’m lucky as I’m not sure I could’ve handled my stand-up desk fist thing today.

By the time my meetings were over, it was lunch time. Hooray! I was hungry. I had not snacked nor had my oatmeal. I earned this lunch.

Post lunch, I decided that I could fit some time in later with the gym. I recovered the joy of swimming. Pushed 130 on the crunch machine and flat maxed out the back extension machine. I seemed to have no idea what being overzealous did to me this morning. My ego was singing.

I wanted to show myself I could stair climb Everest too. to start the machine up, you have to get it going, then it wants you to answer 50 questions.  It took about 2 minutes to answer them all; height, weight, age, etc. I was done. Yesterdays old guy could have Everest. My quads cried mercy.

As I willed my body home, stumbling like a drunkard, I started to feel hungry. We haven’t completely purged the house of junk food. There were so many tempting things. 3 day old cake. Candy from the Christmas…of 2014. Baking chocolate. Aging bread. I was strong though. I did not give into the cravings. I went to bed having had 3 meals. The total caloric intake for the day was 994. Over 5/6 less than my usual intake. More than half my max intake threshold.


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