Week 1 Day 8: Weigh in day

Snail-Winning-a-Race-Against-Fat-BoyWeigh in Day. A moment of truth. My plan last week was to cut my weekly caloric intake from 42,000 to 14,000. Has all this dieting and body ache been worth it? Was it even effective? As I stepped onto the scale I didn’t expect much. I had skipped the gym more than I went. I went over my daily calorie goal twice. I probably thought about food a thousand more times over the previous week than I had in years. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was actually a weight gain.

So with my overall caloric intake last week tallying at 12,093 and my average daily intake of 1728 calories, the scale said…

Nothing, it is a scale. Scales don’t talk. However, the dial read, “Still fat.” Even so, it reported that I was 10lbs less fat than I was the week before. Still big, far from buff, but have moved the needle in the correct direction.

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